Saturday, August 30, 2008

High everyone.

My computer's hard drive got very sick and I had to do a transplant so I lost all of my stuff. But not to worry. This is why I love my MAC. I have owned Apples or Macs all my adult life but have taught on both. I always preferred the Mac because of it's reliability and ease of use. With the new operating system, it is even so much easier, like the time machine which automatically backs up your machine. Well, I have never had problems with Macs before, in fact I still have two working great. (One my husband took over and one my daughter took over). Anyway, my new Power Mac's drive just went boom.... Unusual but it was still under warrenty. I took it to get fixed but I had to wait a whole week. I hated that. The repair place replaced the hard drive (500 GB from 250 GB it had) and tried to recover the info but couldn't. Good thing it was backed up. Well when I got it home, all I had to do was push a button that said recover from time machine and in a matter of about a half hour, it replace all my info. It was like there was nothing wrong with it. It was SO EASY. Can't say enough. But since I had a lot more hard drive I decided to divide the drive up  and run Windows on half of it, so I will have the best of both worlds. 
Since the computer has been gone, I have been busy working on swaps and making cards for Fall Festival.  Within the next  couple of days I plan on posting some  of these pictures. Jennifer

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