Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am getting ready for my first big workshop this weekend in Richmond. I have already showed the cards below but for 12 people making 12 cards each, that is a lot of cutting for me. I sure hope they enjoy their experience and I can get more bookings. This next month (November) is a busy one for me. I have the workshop in Richmond on the 2nd. Stampin' Up Regionals in Virginia Beach the following weekend then hopefully I can schedule another workshop for the weekend of Nove 15th and then the following weekend is Homecoming/Parents weekend at ODU where I will finally get to see my daughter Charlotte play in the Monarch Marching Band newly formed this year in preparation of the new football team that will begin its season next year. She is also a member of the pep band that plays at the basketball games. I will get to see her play in a parade, a football scrimmage and at the homecoming basketball game against the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I am really excited. Then it is Thanksgiving and break for Charlotte. Then it's December and I don't even want to think about that. I am not at all ready for Christmas, I don't even have my halloween decorations up yet and my house is one of those houses everyone comes to. People have already told me that they are coming. I have some of Charlotte's friends that still live in the area coming to help me out Halloween. Charlotte said she would come but has Band until 7 that night and wouldn't make it in time. It is the kids that make it fun for the Trick and Treaters.

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