Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I am going back to school!

I have decided that I am going back to school. I begin June 16th. I found an online accredited school and will get my BA in History. I already have three years under my belt so I won't have too much more to do. I will then look for a teaching job and/or get the accreditation I need to teach in Virginia. I know it seem late in my life (I'll be 59 in August) but it is something that I feel I must do before I kick the bucket (so to speak). So I am very excited and hope everyone wishes me well. Of course this means not as much time for my card making but be assured, that I will always be doing that whenever I can.
And some have been asking if I am going to give up Stampin' Up. What kind of question is that? Of course, I could never give that up. And I will continue to substitute while in school too. So not to worry. I am just adding something new on my plate, that is all.

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Crafty Dawn said...

Good for you Enjoy and don'r abandon the blog would I'll miss you too much

Love Dawn xx

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