Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Cards

Here are cards I made last night and today. I was still using the stamp-a-ma-jig for this project. I think you need it for something like this. Notice how I used the curve of Hello There around the gourds.
I cut a bunch of circle in the same card as the card base and attached them to the base. It really gives it a neat look. I also stamped this image twice, using the stamp-a-ma-jig. The first stamped image was in color and the second was with the shimmer paint. It is really hard to tell from the picture, but it is really pretty.
This would have been a good card if I did not add Crystal Effects to the get well wishes sentiment. All it did was cloudy it up. Oh well. I guess the sentiment is sick too. lol
I got this set and I really don't know why since I have no little kids around but this is the second I have made. I decided to make it into a halloween card.
This last one was my favorite until the stickles messed up. But you can't get everything perfect. I tried to fix it the best I could. I used the shimmer paint stamped image under the razzleberry Ink image. If you saw it in person, it looks a lot better.
Hope you enjoyed todays cards. Please make comments on the cards you like. I want to sell a lot at my local county fair and I would like to know what people like and don't like. I don't want to make a bunch of cards that I might like but no one else does. Comments do help. Thanks.

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