Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Cards

Reminder...... I have decided that about once a month I will give blog candy out. The only thing you have to do is leave a comment with your email address. It doesn't matter which item you comment on, just so long as it was posted during the month. The candy will be a surprise.
I have some new card to show you that I have worked on this weekend. See if you can figure out which ones were done with MDS and then a few embellishments added and the ones done all by hand.


Kim Kowal said...

Great cards Jen!! Hard to tell which are MDS and which are not, that's a good thing. Keep the cards coming.

Vickie Steele said...

These cards are great! I know the third card was done by MDS as I had seen it on another site. However, it's very difficult to tell the difference-I just bought the MDS and have yet to learn how to do the cards on it. Keep the ideas coming our way-I love it.

rush8888 said...

i don't think the first card is mds. i don't know for sure.

Patti C said...

Cards look great. My guess is you used MDS for all of them. Adding your own embellishments really makes them pop. I'm going to have to take a stab at making a card this way.

Little GTO said...

Love the first card most. Background is MDS and flower is handmade. Willyou be telling us which is which? Thegreen paper in the background is beautiful. Is it part of a SU dp set? These cards have my mind in a whirl! LOL!
Sharon L

Kathy Mc said...

Wow ~ this isn't an easy task! Looks like maybe the 3rd & 5th ones (and maybe even all of them) might be some MDS + embellies but very difficult to tell when looking at your blog. Oh how I need time to learn MDS! Great job, Jen.
Kathy Mc

Anonymous said...

Really cute cards. Guessing, I think you used MDS on the third, fourth and sixth cards. They are all so cute.
Do you have a tutorial for the first flower? Would love to see it.

Great job.


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