Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where am I?

Sorry I haven't been posting any cards and things, but I have been extremely busy. I have been working (substituting) so this takes most of my days of playing (doing SU stuff). But besides that, I am getting ready to go to the Baltimore Regional and I am not only a SUDSOL Swap Hostess, I am going to do a Workshop Wow demo for Stampin' Up. So I am making swaps and getting ready for my 5 min. presentation. Then the day after the Regional, I am doing a craft fair that is in my small town called Fall Festival but that is where I sell a lot of my handmade cards and 3-d items and I still have things to make for that. And then on top of that, I will be doing the Royal Blog Tour and I have to come up with cards for that.  I will be extremely busy and probably not able to post much if anything at all. But after that, I will have lots to post.


Kim Kowal said...

Glad to hear you are doing ok and are just busy in the craft world and what not. Look forward to your return to blogland. Until then, don't stress too much!!

Sandra said...

WOW! Busy - good luck getting everything done.

Sandi said...

Okay, I guess these are all legitimate reasons, so we will have to give you a pass this time (LOL). Have fun, and we will miss your posts. Just don't forget to come back!!

Jean Fitch from jlfstudio said...

Sounds like life is busy, busy. I hope you'll post your presentations for those of us not at Baltimore. I'm so excited for you doing the Regional. Very Cool!

Hugs and Good Luck - Jean
jlfstudio at live.com

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