Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Congratulations to  Kathy McCloskey who won  October's Blog Candy. I must repeat that someone else actually won but did not leave their email address so I must impress on you that if you want candy, you must leave an email with your comment. But Kathy was next on list and congrats to her. She will win the wooden "Happy Grad" and "Christmas Greetings" sets plus a few of my handmade cards. Keep the comments coming. 
        On the 4th of November beginning at 9 pm EST, the blog tour begins, this is a must for anyone wanting ideas. I think it is the best tour around. Be sure to check it out. I have chosen one stamp set for you to experience. 
        And until then, I hope you are playing the Jester Game. After the 6th clue, go to the website in the instructions for a chance to win:


Kathy Mc said...

Jennifer, I'm so excited to learn what I won. Can't wait to see your handmade cards. I know they'll be beautiful. Don't have either stamp set so I'm patiently waiting to receive my goodies. Thanks again!
bdlakebum at yahoo dot com

Kim said...

Congrats to Kathy!!

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