Monday, February 7, 2011


I AM BACK. But I am sorry I did not fulfill my obligations to the winners. If you could let me know who you were, I will send the items out this week. My life has been crazy and I have not done any stamping in quite a while except for going to a demo friend of mine's workshop. I am really out of the loop. I am really sorry I let you all down.


Kim said...

Missed you!! Good to see you back!! You certainly did not let us down at all. Things happen and we all have priorities and sometimes stamping gets pushed aside. Totally understand that. Hope that all is ok and so good to see you back!!

Kathy Mc said...

OMG, I was really worried about you since new postings didn't appear in my Google Reader from you, and when I checked your blog, there was nothing new. What a surprise this is to find you posting again and totally understand there is life beyond stamping and SU. The most important things are your health and your family. Glad you are back posting something!

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