Saturday, March 28, 2009

April Showers

It is my month for being "flooded" with cards from the Flood Swap. I am so excited and I already received two and it's not even April yet. I hosted this and I am hosting the next one that runs from April - November. We don't do December since that is such a busy month. My husband who is a Postmaster told me that the swaps that I am in and all the swaps everyone is in probably keeps the Post Office going since most people do everything over the internet now.
The last card is from Bonnie Block. Even though it is Christmas, I really like it and it will be filed with my other Christmas Cards. This is a set I never bought but liked. Thank you. The first two cards are from Lisa Wood. She thanked me for hosting and thanked on behalf of all the swappers. She send an extra card as a token of her appreciation. I have never seen this design for the small card and I love it. The regular card shown next "You quack me up" is really cute. I don't do cute cards and I don't know why because I love them. So thanks Lisa for giving me a cute card. Today 4/2, I received two more cards. Another cute card with the new Birthday Cupcake came from Lisa and the beautiful 5th Ave. card came from Jennifer This is so soft looking with the vellum. Thanks.

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