Monday, May 4, 2009

A Thank You

I am hosting another swap that began this month and it is huge. Everyone has to send out 6 cards each and some who signed up twice has to send out 12. But in return, when your month is picked you get 39 cards that month if you signed up for one spot and 38 if you signed up for two spots, but then you get two months. Anyway, one of the new flooders sent me a beautiful card thanking me for hosting the swap. Is was so sweet of her. Thanks Kathi Roberts.


Anonymous said...

Who do I send the six cards to? I feel like I'm missing something here!! Thanks, Robyn

Jennifer said...

It is a flood swap that I organize. We just finished one and now starting another which will end in November. Then I will start another one in Janurary for the full year. Look at all the flood cards I have received just in one month. It is a great source of inpiration. The one I orgainize is a SU only one. I belong to another one which can use anything. Both are fun.

Jodi said...

Hey Jennifer! I'm so excited to be following your blog! Your site is awesome and I am looking forward to tons of inspiration!!!


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