Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flood Cards for August

I have received a lot of flood cards in the last couple of days, but with my birthday and other things going on I have not had a chance to post, so here they are now.

It feels like the forth of July again. Wish it could be to extend the summer, but time moves on. This comes from Jennifer Bishard. I love cards that can be done just with punches. It makes it so simple, yet striking.
This one comes from Carrie and it is funny that it actually arrived on my b'day. Thanks Carrie.
This comes from Mary Peterson and she sent a nice note with the card. She and her sister and mom get together once a week and make cards. I think it is wonderful that they can share a love of cardmaking like this. They are all in this swap but I don't get the same cards from them. Thanks Mary.
This one came from Cindy and I just got this set and I just love what she did with it. I really like the design.
This carad came from Regina Gibson and I love the color combo on this one. It really stands out.
Oh, I love the autumn colors on this one and the design. I have been thinking about getting that background stamp, and now I think I will. Thanks Lori Jane Mittlestadt.
This one came from Laura Bargwell. I keep saying it, but I love the simplicity of this design. I love the linen thread wrapped around the butterfly. Thanks.
I think I am all caught up so all the prizes I need to send out will be going out shortly.

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